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A green space in Baltimore is seeing more green

Posted at 6:43 PM, Jun 26, 2024

BALTIMORE — A green space in Baltimore is getting more green in more ways than one. The Gwynn Falls Trail got $2,000,000 worth of improvements. These include an 8-mile addition of bike paths and walking trails.

"What we hope and believe is once they get out and enjoy it then they will tell others, word of mouth will spread, and more people will come out, which is why we do these types of improvements," says Frank Lance, CEO of Parks and People.

"We don't want to ask you to come out and find less than ideal conditions; we want you to come out and see that Baltimore has state-of-the art parks and trails, and then that leads to more people coming out, and then it'll take care of itself."

The Gwynn Falls Trail itself is of elite status nationally. It’s the second-largest urban forested land in the U.S., boasting 22 miles of hiking and biking paths through Baltimore.

The new car-free 8 miles are open and ready to see some bike wheels and shoes.