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A double dose of dogs

BARCS takes in abused animals from 2nd raid in 2 weeks
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Posted at 5:29 PM, May 30, 2024

BALTIMORE — A raid on an unlicensed puppy mill in Pimlico last week brought 83 dogs to BARCS and left the shelter to deal with an estimated $30,000 in medical bills.

There’s good news on that front.

“They were all released to BARCS this week and so as we told followers and supporters we were going to do, we put them up on the website organically and so far, 40 of them have been adopted and the other 40, some of them, they are in foster, because they’re not ready yet,” said BARCS Communications Director Bailey Deacon.

Just as the animal shelter cleared out half of the dozens of dogs from last week’s raid, Animal Control conducted yet another seizure—-this time north of Carroll Park.

Neighbors’ complaints helped officers uncover more cases of animal abuse.

“The case that came in last night was 13 more dogs from a single house. Deplorable conditions. The dogs all need medical care, and it’s kind of insult of injury,” said Deacon, “We’re already so out of place and then these guys come in too.”

Those 13 may not seem like that many, but animal control also brought in another hundred over that span, nearly 50 additional strays and a few dozen owners came and dropped off pets they could no longer care for.

“We are nearing 300 animals just this week, new ones, coming into our shelter,” said Deacon, “We are no stranger to these hoarding cases and the summers are always crazy and that’s the message I really want to get out to the Baltimore community that 83 is a lot, but it only got crazier after that.”

A revolving door of pets in need of rescue, and a shelter continuing its plea for fosters, adoptions and donations to help it save every one.