Protecting yourself when traveling alone

Posted at 6:08 AM, Jul 03, 2019

Globally, 74 percent of women have traveled alone or were planning to do so, according to Trip Advisor.

But another survey states that two out of five women have faced sexual harassment or unwelcome interactions when traveling.

Traveling alone can be challenging just ask Lambrine Macejewsk…

Macejewsk told Ivanhoe, “Australia, Israel, Morocco.”

She knows it’s crucial to be vigilant. Her friend was attacked on a running trail while traveling.

“She kicked the person and screamed and yelled and was able to get away, but that doesn’t always happen,” she said.

A New York Times article says to check out free apps like Chirpy, Mayday and Trip-whistle that show dangerous areas and tell how to contact local law enforcement.

Also, have a plan of where you’re going and how to get there. has safety information for each country, and a guide for women travelers. Divide up your cash and bring two phones so that in case of robbery, you don’t lose everything. Macejewsk says don’t let fear stop you from exploring the world, but always be aware.

“If something looks suspicious, it probably is suspicious or there’s something not right,” she said

Stay safe while you’re away!

It’s a good idea for all women to take a self-defense class, and carry pepper spray or a pocket knife with them. Keep your hotel doors locked and consider bringing a rubber door stop that can keep doors from being pushed open.