Fitness before your flight, a new gym is set to open this weekend at BWI

Facility is past the security checkpoint
Posted at 6:16 PM, Jan 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 06:44:28-05

Most travelers probably haven't even noticed it, but beyond security, pre-flight, a new gym will allow travelers the chance to burn off their energy and sweat out the stress. 

"We believe that travel days don't mean compromising your health, and that's really what this is all about, offering passengers, travelers, as well as airline staff a healthy alternative as opposed to sitting a eating," said Ty Manegold, president of ROAM Fitness.         

ROAM Fitness is tucked along the connector between terminals D and E. Construction started about three months ago. Crews are working hard to get the nearly 1,200 square-foot gym ready. The goal is to have the doors open for customers this Saturday.          

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Most of the space will be dedicated to a variety of cardio equipment.

"There's a dedicated stretching, yoga area with a TRX system built into it,” Manegold said.  “And there are also free weights for individuals looking to do some strength training."

You can buy a daily, monthly or yearly pass. Right now those are discounted to $500 for an annual membership, and $25 to pop in for the day. That price includes clothing rentals, towel service, and four private, reservable showers.

"We want to make it accessible as possible to as many different people,” said Manegold.  “And for some that means just grabbing a day membership on an unexpected layover, but for those who frequently travel a lot, that year pass makes a lot more sense."

The training center at BWI is ROAM's first location, but they plan to expand into two other airports by the end of the year.  Giving fliers the option of fitness along with vegging out or pigging out before their next flight.

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