Timber! You'll fall for this dog

Saved by MD SPCA
Posted at 8:27 PM, Apr 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-13 20:27:41-04
When you hear the word Timber, you think of a big tree falling over in the woods. Now you'll think of this little doggie, who was found in the woods of Baltimore City.  
He was seen falling over in the woods because he was born with his hind legs stuck together. Timber could only walk using his two front legs or he would bounce on his broken back side.  
Ironically, Timber would be ushered down Falls road to the Maryland SPCA. Timber is only 10 months old. The Maryland SPCA doesn't give up, so they thought Timber was perfect for two surgeries. These two surgeries cost thousands of dollars.
So with Saturday's March for the Animals, money raised helps operations like Timber just had. He never complained, acted like the puppy he is and slowly recovered. Suddenly his hind legs weren't holding him back.
Looking at Timber today, you'll see him strolling on all fours with ease, confident, tail wagging, smiling. Funny how a dog who was falling all over himself, has us falling all over ourselves to adopt him. But his foster mom Rebecca plans to adopt Timber once he is medically cleared.
And guess who is leading the walk on Saturday? You guessed correctly. Timber. It's only fitting that we follow his paw steps.