Meet adoptable pets for National Pet Month

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Posted at 4:41 PM, Apr 30, 2019

BALTIMORE — May 1-8 is National Pet Week, and the entire month of May is National Pet Month, so what better way to celebrate than featuring adoptable pets!

WMAR-2 News is working with the MD SPCA all month long to feature adorable furry friends you can take home.

Bologna (ADOPTED):

Bologna is a sweet male kitten who loves to be around you. He's the kind of kitten who will let you snuggle him any time of the day. 10-week-old Bologna was born at the Maryland SPCA. He's spent some time in foster care to grow big and strong before entering the MD SPCA's adoption program.

His litter mates have found loving new homes, but Bologna is still searching for his very own human. Could you be the human of his dreams? If so, be sure to stop by the MD SPCA (3300 Falls Rd. Baltimore, MD 21211) until 4:45 p.m.

Manny (ADOPTED):

Manny, a 2-year-old feline, is looking for a human who will give him five-star body rubs and massages. He loves to be rubbed here, there, and everywhere. Mannys purr-fect human will enjoy snuggles, deep feline conversations, and naps. He loves people, and with only a little time to adjust has made friends with kittens, cats, and large dogs—he's an easy going gentle giant. He loves canned shredded food and is very good at sharing his bowl and litter boxes.

He's neat and clean, and a good user of the scratching post. He lives with other animals but also doesn't mind being the only cat in your life, as long as you have time to love on him. If he's really happy, he'll flop on his back next to you and demand you scratch his belly. He'll make the quietest little purr and make biscuits in the air with his front paws to show his total appreciation. If you need a great big love bug in your life, look no further than Manny.

If you qualify to be his new best friend, please contact with a completed adoption application which can be found on our website, as well as more information about your home environment, lifestyle and what type of pet you are looking for.

Snowball (ADOPTED):

Adoptable Snowball is SO cute! We love this fluffy white cat, and we know you will, too! Snowball is insanely beautiful and will make your heart melt with just one look.

She arrived at the Maryland SPCA as an owner surrender because her previous owner was ill. Snowball is an active cat who loves engaging in play! She’s lived with dogs and other cats successfully in her last home. She would love nothing more than to find a quiet home with lots of hiding spaces and soft places to snuggle.

Stop by the Maryland SPCA (3300 Falls Rd. Baltimore, MD 21211) to take her home.

Dempsey (ADOPTED):

Dempsey is quite the little charmer. This 4-year-old female feline is a sweet gal who's unbelievably stunning. Her colorful calico spots resemble chocolate chip cookie dough--which could explain why she's so sweet.

Dempsey loves pets and will let you rub her face until she dozes off. She's looking for an active home where she can investigate. She’s a loveable girl and we hope to find her a special home where she will be cherished always.

If you need a buddy, she could be the one! Please visit the Maryland SPCA (3300 Falls Rd Baltimore, MD 21211) today!

Poinsettia (ADOPTED):

Since December 12, Poinsettia, a 6-year-old female feline, has been homeless. With no fault of her own, she hasn't found her purr-fect match. Poinsettia arrived at the Maryland SPCA as an owner surrender. There were days and sometimes weeks, where Poinsettia would hide under her cat tower, but with the help of MD SPCA staff members and volunteers, she now feels comfortable socializing. Every day she enjoys snuggling, playing and meeting new people. She's also learned how to give high-fives!

When she came to the MD SPCA, the medical team did some blood work. She was diagnosed with early renal insufficiency. Luckily things are going well, but her she'll need to see the vet frequently to make sure she's healthy.

Poinsettia would like to find a quiet and cozy home. She's the perfect BFF for someone whose gentle and understanding. Once she feels comfortable and safe, she's the happiest girl around!

Could you be the one she's seeking?! If so, please visit the MD SPCA (3300 Falls Rd Baltimore, MD 21211) today at 2:30 p.m.


Hey there! My name's Pita and I'm a year-old female cat. I've been hanging at the Maryland SPCA since January and unfortunately, I came in with a broken wrist. My wrist is now healed, and I may have a slight limp for the rest of my life. But guess what, I'm still young and I refuse to let that get me down.

I’ll greet you in the morning by stretching, showing off my belly and purring loudly. When I’m happy I’ll show you my bouncy and prancing walk. It's pawsome! I will thrive in my new home and be a lovely companion.

If you want to meet me, please contact the MD SPCA's foster department at

Blaze (ADOPTED):

Blaze may look tough on the outside, but on the inside, he’s an easy-going lapdog. He loves everyone and everything and he’s definitely a Maryland SPCA staff and volunteer favorite.

Blaze is super gentle and did wonderful with children in his previous home. This 6-year-old American Bulldog came to the MD SPCA from one of their sister shelters. He's a healthy, happy and loving old man. He’s also a big goofball and promises to make you laugh until your tummy hurts.

Stop by the MD SPCA (3300 Falls Rd Baltimore, MD 21211) so he can melt your heart and your home.

Marco Polo (ADOPTED):

Marco Polo, a 3-year-old Border Collie Mix, is an all-around all-star. In his pictures, he's being the smiley and playful pup Maryland SPCA staff members know and love. He's a smart and energetic 3-year-old boy that knows a ton of basic commands—he also has the potential to learn a lot more.

Marco has lived with cats, children and smaller dogs in the past and did great! He's also friendly with children.

If you're thinking about adding a furry friend to your family, please visit the MD SPCA (3300 Falls Rd. Baltimore, MD 21211) and meet this cool fellow. Meet and greets will start at noon!


Nora is a sweet 4-year-old gal who doesn't deserve to spend National Pet Week in an animal shelter. While shelters can be a stressful place for some dogs, Nora is grateful to a safe place to sleep. She also enjoys all of the priceless moments she shares with Maryland SPCA staff members and volunteers.

Nora arrived at the MD SPCA because her previous owner was deployed. Since then, Nora has been given an enormous amount of love. Staff members and volunteers absolutely love spending time with her because her loyalty and sweet personality are unmatched. However, this gentle girl needs a new home.

She hasn't been exposed to children, cats, or other dogs, but she has played with pups of all sizes. This lovely Rhodesian Ridgeback promises to be the most loving companion and friend. If you're interested in bringing her home, please visit the MD SPCA (3300 Falls Rd Baltimore, MD 21211) Thursday at noon.

UPDATE: After posting about Nora, the MD SPCA got messages all day about her. She was adopted on Saturday May 4.

Sir Mittens (ADOPTED):

Sir Mittens has been homeless for more than 160 days, and he's by far one of the sweetest felines roaming the earth. He likes scratching posts and jumping onto window sills; his favorite places to nap are in the sun, under the sofa, inside cat trees, under the chair and even in a carrier. Sir Mittens has been hanging out in a foster home because the shelter stresses him out, and when he's stressed he stops eating. While in foster care, he's been exposed to different cats and gets along with cats his size. In his previous home, he was exposed to dogs and children and did fine.

Sir Mittens has been diagnosed with Early Renal Insufficiency, but he doesn't let that get him down. As long as he eats his special prescription food he'll be okay. He may require more vet checks than the average cat to ensure he's staying in tip-top shape, but that doesn't mean he deserves to spend his golden years homeless.

If you're interested in adopting Sir Mittens for National Pet week, please contact to learn more.

National Pet Week may be over, but May is still National Pet Month! Check back every Wednesday to see more adoptable pets!

The MD SCA has been committed to animals since 1869, and they work toward a future of compassion and care for all of Maryland’s cats and dogs by offering innovative programs in education, veterinary services and humane care. The MD SPCA is an independent, non-profit organization with no direct affiliation with the ASPCA. In 2018, the MD SPCA helped more than 17,000 pets and 18,000 people. To learn about their life-saving work and how you can join their efforts, visit [].