On vacation? Don't forget to workout

On vacation? Don't forget to workout
Posted at 8:52 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 20:54:31-04

Vacation is meant to serve as an escape from the monotony of our daily routine. A time to rest, relax and engage in a mental reset.

But putting yourself in a more sedentary lifestyle during a weeklong stay could be detrimental if you’re an active person.

This week, I’m on vacation with my family in New Jersey but I’ll still be working out in some form or fashion five days a week. I  won’t be using the same intensity I’m accustomed to. Here’s how I’m setting it up:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:  Active recovery walk and deload strength and conditioning
Tuesday, Thursday: Active recovery walk

I’m taking into consideration how much other activities we will engage in that require physical activity. This week shouldn’t be one where you push yourself to the limits, but also one where you remember to take care of yourself.

Which brings me to deloading.

It’s a necessary evil for those who engage in high intensity strength and conditioning training. If your body feels like garbage, a deload might be necessary. Taking the percentages of weights and amount of reps you are used to doing, slicing them in half and dialing in on speed and technique is a good break for your broken body.

Vacation is a perfect time for lower intensity exercise. When you come back the following Monday, you’re ready, recovered  and primed to attack the day both at your job and the gym.