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Maryland Art Place

Posted at 2:20 PM, Sep 24, 2018

Maryland Art Place is pleased to open "Repurposed with Purpose" a contemporary art exhibition curated by former BMA Director, Doreen Bolger.


Repurposed with Purpose aims to enrich the experience of visitors—and their understanding of contemporary art—by encouraging them to look for greater variance and nuance in the meaning of materials. The choice of materials holds different significance for each artist, sometimes reflecting larger societal issues and at others, more personal interests, concerns, or priorities.


The show is organized thematically under broad headings—Balance, Unity, Legacy, Re-Creation, and Activism.  Many artworks reach across these themes and could have been placed in more than one of them, suggesting the depth and complexity of thought that artists dedicate to the meaning of their work.         


Repurposed with Purpose is free and open to the public now through November 10. Learn more here.