Made In America: 5 Brands Creating Jobs At Home

Posted at 7:46 PM, Apr 19, 2016

The U.S. is starting to make its own clothes again. Currently less than 3% of everything we wear here, was made here. The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer is breaking down five apparel brands "making it in America!"


1.  Shinola in Detroit, Michigan

Their name is inspired by the famous shoe shine company from the late 1800s. Shinola makes handmade watches, bicycles, leather goods and journals, providing much needed jobs for Detroit's locals and fantastic products for the whole world.


2.  American Giant in San Francisco, California

Founder Bayard Winthrop recognized that most clothing costs include overseas shipping, expensive marketing and costly store fronts. American Giant eliminates those costs so they can put the money towards making better shirts, shorts, and pants for men and women. Looks like it works as they are already known for the "greatest hoodie ever made."


3.  Yogasmoga in New York City, New York

Turns out most yoga apparel companies are using the antiquated fabrics nylon and spandex in their clothing. While Yogasmoga focuses on inventing cutting edge materials for their pants, bras, tanks and tees, their made in America approach lets you zen out knowing your workout gear isn't responsible for carbon fumes wafting from massive shipping vessels crossing the ocean.


4.  Topo Designs in Denver, Colorado

From shirts to jackets and hats Topo quickly made a name for themselves in the world of outdoor adventure gear. designed and built in Colorado, the owners Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen wanted the production to happen locally in order to have better oversight on the process and the quality shows.


5.  Buck Mason in Los Angeles, California

After their LA-made t-shirt became a cult favorite, owners Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg added jeans and other basics to Buck Mason's product line. Their basic style and made-in-America approach even got them on Shark Tank where they eventually turned down the shark's offer, but the exposure was invaluable and the company continues to grow.


These brands are proving you can make it America by making it in America.


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