5 ways kids can beat summertime boredom

5 ways kids can beat summertime boredom
Posted at 10:48 AM, Jun 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-22 10:51:32-04

In some cases, summer break is an exciting time for children to break free from schoolwork and enjoy time with their friends and families. In other cases, however, summer break is no different than any other part of the year.

For children who may suffer from boredom over the next three months, here is a list of exciting hobbies that will stimulate their minds and give them something to talk about in September!


Writing is a great way for children to express their thoughts, opinions and ideas about the world. According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, expressive writing can help people heal from stresses, traumas and even terminal or life-threatening diseases. Children can release their emotions by keeping a daily journal or starting an online blog. If you know a child who is passionate about media, perhaps they can write reviews of their favorite books, films, games, or even technological devices.

To create their own websites, children can use, which is a free and easy-to-use platform. Children who have vivid imaginations and enjoy making up characters can even write their own book. Self-publishing is a great start for children who are looking to make a name for themselves in literature. Who knows? With a little encouragement, they just might become the next Maya Angelou, Judy Blume, or Langston Hughes!


Books, magazines, web articles and more! Reading is a wonderful platform to help kids unlock their imaginations, strengthen their vocabularies and expand their minds. For children who don't enjoy reading, help them find books that match their interests. Children who love cars should stock up on books about cars. Do you know a child who loves cartoons? Help them discover books about the process of animation.

You can visit your local library or any retail bookstore to find the best books that will engage your child. In addition, children can participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge to read their favorite books, log their reading minutes and even earn valuable rewards.


Does your child love to earn money? Are they unafraid to speak up and demonstrate their energetic personalities? If so, entrepreneurship could be the path for them. Starting a business is a fantastic way for children to develop leadership skills while being responsible for their own income. If your child loves sweet treats or baking, have them start a cupcake business. Maybe your child enjoys fashion. Let them start a clothing line or make their own jewelry. Lemonade stands, car-washing services... the sky is the limit for young entrepreneurs who aspire to make a difference.

After children start their businesses, help them develop their websites for free using Children who are serious about pursuing entrepreneurship as a career should read books about running a successful business and check out the show Shark Tank on ABC. 


Speaking, editing and a love for being on camerathese are just a few skills and traits that every successful vlogger must have. A "vlog" is a video blog series that users can upload to social media platforms and share with the world. For children who are bored, yet handy with technology, help them start their own vlog channel on YouTube. All they need is a smart phone, laptop, or camera.

Perhaps your children are wise beyond their years and enjoy motivating others. Help them start a motivational vlog series! A child who enjoys sharing their opinions can vlog about their favorite books, movies, television shows and other media outlets. Vlogging is a great way for kids to develop confidence and strong oral communication skills. For tips on creating great vlogs, click here.


Pass, dribble, serve, and homerun! Sports are an exciting way for kids to break away from technology and get active in the hot, summer sun. If sports camps aren't possible this summer, you can bring the fun of sports to your own home!

Have an old soccer ball lying around the house? Get some fresh air with your child and kick the ball around for a few hours. Perhaps your child is a basketball whiz. He or she can spend the summer showing other kids the ropes. According to, children who get involved with sports can develop healthier muscles and maintain a stronger focus in the classroom.