'It’s all about momma guerilla marketing': Family hands out flyers to find a home

Posted at 11:22 AM, May 18, 2021

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — A California family has been living out of a hotel and minivan for a month as they’ve been looking for a home in Tennessee.

Currently, home buyers are encountering bidding wars, competing with cash offers, and in some cases, homes are going for $100,000 over the asking price.

Since it’s so competitive, Kat Reue and her family have been going door-to-door handing out flyers at homes they love.

They call themselves "The Reue crew." They currently live in California and want to move to Brentwood, Franklin, or Mt. Juliet. Reue wants to pursue her dream of working in the music industry.

"I just decided instead of waiting for the right thing to come along, that I would go around to the right thing," Kat Reue said.

Reue has an injured foot, so she’s paying her daughter, 5-year-old Ellana, a dime for each flyer she hands out.

"It’s all about momma guerilla marketing right now because there are not many homes on the market and they go fast, and we really do have a dream in our mind of something that we want," Reue said. "We want the front porch, a yard, and things like that."

Their family also networks at the playground. Little Orion and Ellana love it because they’ve been kept inside due to the pandemic and wildfires on the West Coast.

Reue said they found a home they loved, but it was going for thousands over the asking price.

"So it was basically this stressful moment where ya know I have 24 hours to decide if I want to spend my life savings on this place," Reue said. "And I literally like was crying in the car."

To this day, they still haven't been able to find their dream home in a vibrant community.

"Lots of kids to play with, lots of space for them to run around, close to a good school that they can hopefully run or bike to."

For now, they’re going to keep searching for "the one." Reue said, "God works in mysterious ways so you just got to put yourself out there sometimes."

So far, she says they're interested in the Ladd Park community, the Fieldstone Farms area, and some neighborhoods in Mt. Juliet. Her real estate agent, Rachel Johnson, can be reached at 615-663-7958. Kat said you can email her if you want to sell your home to her family at

This story was originally published by Alexandra Koehn at WTVF.