Horse rehab facility includes underwater treadmill

CSU Spur
Posted at 10:32 PM, Feb 21, 2022

DENVER, Colo. (KMGH) — A new facility at Colorado State University's Spur's Equine Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation Center allows horses to use world-class equipment to stay or get in shape.

The underwater treadmill has several health benefits, according to associate professor, Dr. Melissa King.

“Having them work against the resistance of water improves their overall muscle strength and neuromuscular timing,” King said.

After exercising in the water, the horses are treated to heat therapy.

"So, if they’ve got some muscle tenderness or muscle tightness across their back, it helps kind of loosen that up,” King added.

The facility also features a “vibration station” which helps with a horse’s bone density

Animals that utilize these services include horses that are used to provide therapy for veterans and people with disabilities.

“So, if you have people who don’t walk well or don’t walk at all, put them on the horse’s back and it helps their body get used to the motion of walking,” said equine manager Jill Andrews.

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