Who's the best cookie maker at ABC2?

Posted at 12:38 PM, Dec 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-22 21:13:32-05

To get into the holiday spirit, we here at ABC2 decided to have a friendly and delicious competition. We asked some of the reporters and anchors to invite us into their homes and share their best cookie recipes.

We had five contestants - Kelly Swoope, Ashley James, Lauren Cook, Catherine Hawley and Megan Knight. As one half of the Taste Buds blog, I was asked to be the judge. With my fellow Taste Bud in the mix, I wasn't allowed to know who made the cookies so I went in blind. This was definitely not a bad way to spend my time at work! 

Here are the five competitors:

Decorated Sugar Cookies: These were the most festive looking and reminded me of the cookies I made with Mom when I was a kid. They were also just as delicious as the ones I made as kid. The frosting was sweet but not overpowering and they had the perfect amount of sprinkles.

Snickerdoodles: These were another favorite of mine as a kid so I had high hopes before the taste test. Again, not disappointed at all. They were a great size and I could see eating four of these without even realizing it. They also had a perfect mix of cinnamon and sugar.

Festive Sugar Cookies: These also get major points for festive-ness. The red and green trees made what could've been really plain cookies more Christmas-y. I'm clearly not a great judge as I also thought these were very tasty as well. 

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies: From my blind taste test, I didn't know these were the healthiest cookie in the competition. They tasted just as sugary and buttery as all the others but I found out later they were made with half flax seed and half wheat flour. This is a delicious healthier alternative to your traditional Christmas cookie and no one will even know they're almost good for you!

Oreo Bars: These were the most unique entry to the competition and would be a major crowd pleaser at any holiday party! They looked like chocolate bars covered in marshmallow and tasted like Oreo cookies with extra cream. These were gooey and chocolate-y and tasted like an inside out Oreo and, let's be honest, the cream filling is the best part.

In the end, the oreo cookie bars were the best and most unique option. If I had to chose just one winner, it would definitely be those. I think they would be a crowd pleaser at any holiday party. 

Check out the work that went into making these in the videos above.

Happy Holidays from ABC2 News!