5 family-friendly movies on Netflix to watch on Thanksgiving

Posted at 9:55 AM, Nov 22, 2017

After a huge meal on Thanksgiving, it’s great to gather the whole family to snuggle up for a movie. You just want to make sure to pick one that everybody will enjoy—kids, teens, Grandma, and of course, you.

Here are five family-friendly films that are fun for all ages and are streaming on Netflix now. Enjoy while eating your second helping of pumpkin pie!

1. Moana

If you haven’t seen Disney’s “Moana,” you’re missing out. Even if you have, this tale of a brave Polynesian girl who must save a village is worth another watch. This movie has a strong female-empowerment message (no damsels in distress here!), so it’s great for teaching your little ones that girls can do anything they set their mind to.


Walt Disney Animation Studios


2. Coraline

“Coraline” is about a young girl who discovers a strange alternate universe that is a funhouse mirror version of her real life. Although its creepy tone might make it more appropriate for Halloween, the title character ultimately learns to appreciate her family, making it perfect for Thanksgiving as well.


Focus Features


3. Zootopia

“Zootopia” is about a rookie cop, who also happens to be a rabbit, joining forces with a cunning fox to solve a mystery in a city filled with anthropomorphic animals. Ginnifer Goodwin (“Once Upon A Time”), Jason Bateman (“Silver Spoons”), Jenny Slate (“Saturday Night Live”) and Idris Elba (“Thor”) all voice characters in this fun film.


Walt Disney Pictures


 4. The Parent Trap

This 1961 film is an oldie but a goodie. The storyline is timeless: Hayley Mills portrays twin sisters Susan and Sharon who scheme to get their divorced parents back together. “The Parent Trap” is good, old-fashioned family fun!


Walt Disney Productions


5. Homeward Bound

Animal lovers will melt over this tale of two dogs and a cat who are left behind when their owners go on vacation and set out on an epic adventure to find them. Prepare to laugh and cry together as these courageous pets fight to reunite with their family.


Walt Disney Pictures


Are there other family-friendly films streaming on Netflix that you recommend for the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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