Which mental health concerns do people in the U.S. worry about most?

Posted at 8:11 AM, Apr 23, 2019

People in Florida appear to be worried about their finances, and folks in Arizona have high amounts of stress at work.

That is the case according to TermLife2Go, an insurance company that published a map with the mental health concerns listed on each state.

To figure out which states were most concerned with which topic, TL2G looked at the most common mental health conditions on sites such as NAMI, TalkSpace and It then crossed those with Google Trends to see what was most frequently searched.

Here are some of the findings, according to TL2G:

  • Internet addiction, major depressive disorder, and memory loss tied for America’s most googled mental health concerns.
  • Arizona, Maryland, and South Carolina residents googled “stress at work,” while Georgians and Pennsylvanians searched for info about “stress headaches.”
  • Oklahoma ranked high for “low sex drive,” which is related to concerns about a low libido—which people from the Sooner State are also Googling in droves.
  • Ohioans were the only ones concerned about their potentially obsessive love of coffee.
  • Seasonal affective disorder was the most googled concern in Alaska, where residents can go days without seeing the sun in winter.
  • Utah’s most googled concern was postpartum depression. That’s not surprising, considering the CDC routinely places Utah in the top ten states for highest birth rates.
  • The most googled concern in New Hampshire was hyperactivity, a symptom of ADHD. Not surprisingly, ADHD came in as a close second for the state.
  • Missouri was the only state concerned about its social media habits. Massachusetts, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington worried about full-blown internet addiction instead.
  • New York, home to one of the most expensive cities in the nation, googled financial stress more than any other term.
  • Alcoholism is the top mental health concern for internet searchers in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

Most-searched mental health topics in U.S.

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