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Posted at 11:42 AM, Oct 02, 2015
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The wardrobe we are all envious of in your closet, for a fraction of the price, it can happen.  ABC2 is taking you “Scandal Shopping”. 

Ashley James & Kelly Swoope are out looking for the best Olivia Pope inspired looks, without spending too much money.  They’ve teamed up with Baltimore Fashion blogger Kimberly West.  This week the trio headed to Wise Penny consignment on York Road.

Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, loves cream colored coats and suits, so we found a suit jacket at Wise Penny.  It’s a Talbot’s jacket, perfect for cooler weather for under $50.  Similar looks sell for up to $150.  We also found a pair of dress pants that brings the look all together. The pants cost less than $20.

Then, we went searching through the racks for the everyday white collar shirt.  Simple ruffles on the front give the one we found just enough flair.  Designer tops can go for over $100, the one we found at Wise Penny was under $50. 

Kimberly West says it’s the perfect staple for your closet, “I don’t think ruffles go out of style.  I think it’s something that you can do underneath a blazer or by itself and maybe switch up your accessories and give it a totally different look.”

There’s a reason Olivia Pope and her team are known as “Gladiators in suits."  Kerry Washington’s effortless looks have made her a style icon both on and off the show. 

Our final look at Wise Penny -- a skirt suit.

"As soon as we walked in Kelly said this is Olivia Pope right there,” West said.  Kimberly West says the longer coat is just like Olivia Pope, “I love the length of this coat.  I think that’s really big with Olivia’s style, just a little bit longer than normal.” 

The entire look will cost you under $100. 


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