Is buying wine online worth the cost?

Posted at 1:54 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 17:51:46-05

Forget going to the liquor store to get wine. Now all you have to do is open up your laptop or click an app on your phone and – voila! – wine is on its way to your door step. 

And you don't even need to buy a whole bottle! There are delivery services that will let you taste a glass of wine so you can decide if buying the bottle is worth it. 

For you, dear reader, I have sacrificed my money, time, and liver to research the best wine delivery services on the market right now.

I would like to preface this by saying I am no wine snob. I drink boxed wine and don't care who knows it. I even enjoy the convenience of wine in a juice box. Those little guys hold three glasses of wine to enjoy on the go! To clarify, I don't mean in your car. I mean picnics, or outdoor films, or wine tastings (seriously, who drinks just 1 ounce of wine??)

I have chosen my three favorite wine delivery services and they all offer something a little different. There is no reason you can't sign up for all three. Under no circumstances does that make you an alcoholic. It makes you a smart consumer, a lover of capitalism who just wants to help the economy to thrive. USA! USA! USA!

I digress. Here are my favorite online wine companies that are absolutely worth giving a try.

Club W:

This is one of the more popular wine delivery services and I totally see why. You take a palate profile test that asks questions about other foods you like (how you take your coffee, how much you like salt, opinions on citrus, etc.) Using your answers, they recommend wines that will mesh with your taste buds. I have not been disappointed with any of the wines they have shipped to me.

I'm a dry red kind-of-gal but based on my palate profile I would also enjoy some sweet whites (maybe it was my love of berries?). Seemed fishy to me but I trusted them. They sent three wines (I asked for two reds and reluctantly one white) and I loved all of them, even the white.

The wines are all pretty reasonably priced too, starting at $13 per bottle. Shipping is also fairly cheap at about $6/box. For the indecisive, they offer themed packs so you can see what you like or don't like. 

Your shipment arrives with a card describing each wine. It tells you how the wine should be served, its origin and even a chart describing the flavor. On the back of that card is a recipe for food that would compliment it! I'm no Julia Childs and even I can make these dishes. They are simple but still delicious.

A subscription to Club W will run you around $60/month depending on the wines you choose. This is a fun way to try new things. And if you don't like it, you can cancel a month before it ships. Check it out here.


"What's in a VineBox (besides magic)." Direct quote from their website and it made me want to try them out immediately! First, this company is witty and hilarious. Second, what a unique concept. Forget bottles of wine. This is a wine by the glass club.

And these are not the type of wines you can just pick up at the liquor store. You receive three "exceptional wines from boutique wineries across Europe." They show up in glass vials with perfectly measured pours of 10cl (that's about 3.3 ounces – I Googled it).

Each vial comes with notes, pairings and stories behind the wines. Since these are more difficult to find than some other wines, they also offer suggestions for an alternative bottle if you like it.

The descriptions of what to pair with these wines is hilarious. One of my cards reads, "We can make this a lot easier, cold night + pizza + this wine = perfection." That really paints a picture! VineBox people, if you are reading this, I'd love to help write your wine cards! I don't even need money, just wine.

For what you get, this one is a little pricey but you can cancel at any time and it is still cheaper than buying a bottle of these hard-to-find wines. 

I ordered three months of delivery and it was $33/per month. I can cancel at anytime but might do three more months. It's fun getting something new and delicious in the mail once a month! Get VineBox here.

Heartwood & Oak:

I found this gem thanks to LivingSocial. Just $39 got me six bottles of wine plus two stemless glasses. I like saving money and trying new things so it seemed like a no-brainer.

Because it was a deal you were able to choose either six reds, six whites, or a mixture of both. I went with the mixed box. As I was checking out, I was offered six bottles of red Italian wine for only $30. I added that on too. I got 12 bottles of wine for less than $100 and that included shipping!

The great thing about this delivery service is you're not obligated to sign up for a delivery every month. You can go online, buy a few bottles of wine and be done.

If you really like it, you can sign up for their wine club. For $149.95 you get 12 bottles of wine and with the first order they will also add in three bonus bottles for free. That's basically $10/bottle. Every 13 weeks pay another $150 and you get 12 new bottles of wine. You can cancel at anytime.

I found that this one is the best bang for your buck option. I'm on their email list now and they are constantly offering deals. Check them out here.

In conclusion, I am an online wine convert. It let's me try new wines at prices lower than what you'd see at the liquor store or just try unique wines that are tough to find.

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