Recalled infant formula tests positive for bacteria that can lead to motor impairments, death

The formula from Dairy Manufacturers Inc. was recalled less than two weeks ago, but the update from the FDA Tuesday shared the results of the sample testing.
Posted at 9:02 PM, Jun 05, 2024

An infant formula voluntarily recalled by its manufacturer less than two weeks ago has now been found to contain a potentially deadly bacteria.

Dairy Manufacturers Inc. originally recalled its Crecelac and Famalac products on May 24 because they were found in noncompliance with the Food and Drug Administration's infant formula registration requirements. But on Tuesday, the FDA shared an update from the brand warning consumers of a safety issue associated with the recalled product.

The issue centers on the previously recalled Crecelac Infant 0-12 month formula with an August 2025 expiration date that has now tested positive for Cronobacter spp, a bacterium that can live in dry foods like powdered formula, per the CDC.

Dairy Manufacturers Inc. Crecelac Infant formula is shown.
Dairy Manufacturers Inc. Crecelac Infant formula is shown.

Cronobacter infections are rare but serious, and although they have been reported in all age groups, the CDC says infections are most common — and most deadly — in infants less than 2 months old.

The age group is most likely to develop meningitis through the infection, but the germ can also cause other central nervous system or bloodstream infections, such as sepsis. A recent report states that 40% of infants who developed either form of infection due to Cronobacter worldwide have died, per the CDC.

Other complications infants can experience from a Cronobactor infection include brain abscess, developmental delays, motor impairments and death, according to the FDA.

Older adults who become infected with Cronobacter will generally see milder symptoms, but the FDA says early symptoms in infants may include poor feeding, irritability, temperature changes, jaundice, grunting breaths or abnormal body movements.

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4:14 PM, Jun 03, 2024

There have been no reports of injuries or adverse reactions related to the recalled Crecelac Infant formula, according to the FDA, but consumers who have purchased the product are being asked to discontinue use and return it to their place of purchase for a full refund.

The 12.4-ounce cardboard and aluminum containers included in the safety notice were distributed primarily in March, April and May, only in the state of Texas. The recalled product can be identified through the batch code on the bottom of it, with the UPC code of "8 50042 40847 6" and a lot code of "24 039 1 CHE 352-1."

The other formulas involved in the initial recall, which were sold without being evaluated by the FDA to determine whether they meet U.S. food safety and nutritional standards, can be found here.