From Tykers to D1, lacrosse is family for the Fanshaws

Posted at 10:16 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 22:31:14-04

For the Fanshaws, family and lacrosse are synonymous. Lacrosse has consumed their lives for the past 20 years. Each of the three boys grew up with lacrosse sticks in their hands and championships in their dreams. 

In 2012, Missy's oldest son Patrick won the NCAA title with the Loyola Greyhounds. 

"2012 was definitely the year for the Fanshaws," she said. "We have the pictures hanging up on our wall because Pat and Loyola, they won at Foxboro in 2012. They beat Maryland. And the Calvert Hall won the MIAA, so that was Andrew's sophomore year. And then Michael, they won MYLA. So everybody had a championship."

Now her youngest is headed to Foxboro for a chance at the NCAA title with the Towson Tigers. 

And everyone will be at Gillette Stadium to cheer him on, including Pat who will get to be a cheerleader this time. 

"I'm excited for him and he's excited to have that experience," Missy said. "It's thrilling, it's just such a ride, when dreams like that come true, it's cool."

But this is nothing new for the Fanshaws. The boys grew up supporting each other through all of the lacrosse games - rec, club and college. 

"There was never an event that we went to or a tournament or a game or even practices that we all didn't go," she said. "We went as a family to support and cheer."

And the head cheerleader? Definitely Missy. She was the quintessential lacrosse mom. 

"Every outfit, t-shirt, pom-pom, tailgate, before, after, practice, in the rain, in the cold, every kind of weather element... we got them to practice," she said. "It's a huge commitment. Sports are a huge commitment, overall, but when you know that your boys have the passion for the sport and they love it and it's also what motivates them."

She's a Calvert Hall, Loyola University and Towson University fan, though she only has a son on one of those teams currently. Fortunately for her, all of her boys stayed close to home in college and the whole family was able to support them. 

Pat played midfield at Loyola from 2009 to 2013, winning the national championship against Maryland in 2012. Andrew started Towson University in 2014 and won two CAA titles with the Tigers. Over the summer he wasn't medically cleared to play the sport, forcing him to de-commit. Michael's a freshman at Towson. In his first season, the team won the CAA and earned a trip to the Final Four.

"It's a way of life. I mean it's family. But I know that what was the most important to them is family. And we had always been to every single game and practice, ups and downs. And we've always supported each other. The boys have always supported each other. Always."

Missy says she needs some bling, that the Loyola championship rings needs a mate. Towson will try to pull that off this weekend. First, they have to get through Ohio State. One thing's for sure, the Fanshaws will be at Foxboro in full force, cheering for the Tigers.