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Footing the bill for the bridge collapse

Governor Moore checks progress on Capitol Hill
Posted at 4:45 PM, Apr 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-09 17:32:28-04

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fully reopening the Port of Baltimore and rebuilding the Francis Scott Key Bridge are the goals, and Maryland’s federal delegation is crafting a bill in Washington to make sure the feds pay for all of it.

“That legislation is necessary, because of a 90/10 in the original language,” said Sen. Ben Cardin, “This is not unprecedented. The 100 percent was used in regards to the Minnesota bridge replacement and this is a commitment that is normal for this kind of a catastrophic loss of a major infrastructure.”

Despite a pledge from President Biden for Washington to foot the entire bill, Maryland’s delegation isn’t taking any chances, including its lone Republican, Congressman Andy Harris from the state’s first district.

“I’m committed to working, because we know that there will be legislation that’s necessary in order to deal with this, in order to make sure that Maryland doesn’t have to bear a cost share, to make sure this bridge is built back better,” said Congressman Andy Harris.

With a wide range of reports circulating on the price to cleanup and rebuild the bridge ranging from millions to more than a billion dollars, the truth is no one really knows the costs yet.

But it’s imperative that it’s done as quickly and safely as possible, and Governor Wes Moore is personally lobbying in Washington as well to help insure that happens.

“This has been a truly coordinated effort and we’re grateful,” said Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, “and I just stand here simply as a representative of 6.3 million people who are not just here to say ‘Thank you’, but also here to say that we are prepared to be partners in this work for the long run.”

The delegation says the feds must front the money to rebuild and if the courts ultimately determine third parties owe damages those pay outs would be returned to the taxpayers.