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City of Baltimore asks to block Dali crew members from leaving U.S. this week

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jun 18, 2024


Federal judge James Bredar has set an emergency hearing for 10am Thursday to go over the City's request. Until then the judge has instructed DALI management to not facilitate the departure of any crew members, although stopping short of ordering no travel.

In his order Bredar says he's unsure if he has the authority to prevent the crew members from leaving.

"The City likewise fails to cite to any authority supporting the relief sought. Moreover, an order enjoining the crew members from leaving the jurisdiction would implicate their liberty interests. The Court would not take such an action lightly, and in particular, not without assurance that (1) it had the authority to issue such an order, and (2) the crew members’ rights would be adequately protected."

Bredar said all those questions would be addressed at the June 20 hearing.


The city filed a petition Tuesday to block crew members of the Dali ship from leaving the United States until further order from the court.

Court documents say that some of the crew members were going to be leaving the country as soon as Thursday.

Officials are looking to block this due to the ongoing investigation into what happened the night of the Key Bridge collapse.

"If they are permitted to leave the United States, Claimants may never have the opportunity to question or depose them," the documents stated.

Other court documents show the Department of Justice already interviewed the crew members that were going back home and that they had no objections of them leaving.

The Dali ship was moved out of the channel on May 20 and towed to the Seagirt Marine Terminal.

WMAR was told by officials with the Unified Command, the set of agencies in charge of the recovery effort, the Dali would stay in Baltimore until at least the end of June, while the contractor, Resolve Marine, continues the salvage operations on the ship. Then it would be taken to a shipyard in Nortfolk, Virginia for repairs.

Crew members have been on the ship since the collapse as the investigation continues.

Along with crew members not being able to leave, the petition is asking Judge James Bredar to make sure that depositions of crew members can continue.