Ravens Chopper Promo 2.png This picture sums up Jamie Costello. Enjoy these photos we've collected of Jamie through the years at WMAR. His last day on the air is June 14th after a 37 year career.Photo by: WMAR Jamie_Kelly_Chris.png Jamie Costello, Kelly Swoope, and Meteorologist Chris Swaim. The final team Jamie anchored with at WMAR.Photo by: WMAR KELLY JAMIE.jpg Jamie Costello and Kelly Swoope have been bringing you the evening and late news for a decade!Photo by: WMAR Morning Show Team 6.png How it all started... Reporter Jamie Costello. Anchors Horace Holmes and Rudy Miller. Meteorologist Ken Philips.Photo by: WMAR Marybeth_Jamie.jpg Jamie Costello and Mary Beth Marsden!Photo by: WMAR Jamie_MeganPringle_2013.jpg Remember when Megan Pringle anchored with Jamie Costello on Good Morning Maryland?!Photo by: WMAR Jamie_Kelly_Stevie.jpg Jamie Costello & Kelly Swoope welcome Stevie Daniels to WMAR!Photo by: WMAR Jamie_Scott_2015.jpg Scott and Jamie!Photo by: WMAR Jamie Costello and Randall Newsome Anchors Jamie Costello and Randall Newsome at Wes Moore's Inauguration. This was Randall's 2nd full week in Baltimore.Photo by: Videographer Brian Tankersley Mannequin Challenge 1.png Jamie and Kelly, and the rest of the WMAR team took part in the "mannequin challenge"Photo by: WMAR Covid Double Box.png Safely working from home during COVID lockdowns.Photo by: WMAR 359757220_861234495363124_6874760298356886268_n.jpg Marcus Moore, Jamie, and Marcus' Dad Walter showing off Moore Crunch!Photo by: WMAR 72546737_2396272777075198_8018296207501688832_n.jpg Jamie with Skyler HenryPhoto by: WMAR Jamie Costello 1st StandUp STILL.png Jamie, back when it all started at WMAR. 37 years ago.Photo by: WMAR Jamie_Brooks.jpg Jamie and his lifelong hero Brooks RobinsonPhoto by: WMAR 107345625_3007015279334275_6930199277539460650_n.jpg Getting ready to go live, back in the beginning. The photo may be in black and white but we were broadcasting in color in the 80'sPhoto by: WMAR Jamie Essay House STILL.png Photo by: WMAR Tug America High Winds.png Photo by: WMAR Torsk Dry Dock.png Photo by: WMAR Truck Rams Station 4.png This was May 13, 2014, the day the truck crashed into WMAR. It just so happened Jamie was working an early shift that day.Photo by: WMAR Truck Rams Station WMAR.png Photo by: WMAR Turkey Bowl 2.png Turkey Bowl! The best Baltimore tradition!Photo by: WMAR The Nest Promo MT Bank Stadium.png A Ravens polo and a fist-bump, another photo that sums up Jamie.Photo by: WMAR Telethon 3.png Remember when we did telethons at WMAR? This is our garage where people were hand-processing donations. No computers back then!Photo by: WMAR Telethon 1.png Jamie at the telethon with Randy Paige.Photo by: WMAR Rat Fishing 1994.png Rat Fishing! Only in Baltimore! But Jamie reported on it back in 1994 so it must have happened. Here's his story from our "Wayback Wednesday" YouTube series.Photo by: WMAR Ravens Chopper Promo 4.png Jamie got to hang out with Ravens fans who won a chance to get flown to Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Ravens play the Eagles.Photo by: WMAR Ravens Chopper Promo 1.png Here he is interviewing those fans!Photo by: WMAR Orioles Opening Day.png Rain, rain, go away the Orioles want to come out and play!Photo by: WMAR Llama Pay Phone 1993.png Ever feel like you are being watched? Circa 1993Photo by: WMAR Kamie Fancy Cars 1989.png Looking good! Circa 1989Photo by: WMAR Jamie Used Cars 1987.png It was the 80's! That pink jacket. The used car lot. Jamie fits right in. Circa 1987Photo by: WMAR Jamie Skiing 1190.png This job takes you everywhere, even the slopes!Photo by: WMAR Jamie On Set EARLY 1990s 1.png This is from the early 90's. Today this would be a good "caption this"Photo by: WMAR Jamie Note taking 1987.png Even in 1987 he was always hanging on every word from people he talked to.Photo by: WMAR Tall Jamie 1987.png But that same interview at another angle has us wondering why Jamie looks so tall.Photo by: WMAR Jamie Nudist 2.png Getting really creative while interviewing a nudist...Photo by: WMAR Jamie Nudist 1.png Really creative!Photo by: WMAR Jamie Newsroom Desk.png Jamie's original desk in the newsroom.Photo by: WMAR Jamie in Parade 1995.png 1995 Parade in Harford CountyPhoto by: WMAR Jamie Haussners Strawberry Pie 1.png Of course the great people at Haussners put Jamie to work!Photo by: WMAR Jamie Duckpins.png Duckpins anyone?Photo by: WMAR Jamie as a Part timer 1987.png Back in 1987, when Jamie started, he was just part-time. Thank goodness someone made the decision to make him full-time!Photo by: WMAR Jamie Arm Wrestling Boog Powell 1994.png This is from 1994, we're not sure who won, but we have an idea.Photo by: WMAR Jamie Bathroom.png Jamie's stories will take you anywhere, even the bathroom.Photo by: WMAR Jamie And Jay Leno 1992.png Jamie and Jay, 1992Photo by: WMAR Jamie 1990.png Ummm Jamie, you've got something on your nose :) circa 1990Photo by: WMAR Jamie and Cal Sr 1990.png Jamie with the legend Cal Ripken Senior from 1990Photo by: WMAR Jamie 1987.png Another stand-up from Jamie circa 1987Photo by: WMAR Inner Harbor Stand up.png We can't figure out what year this is, but take a look at all the people downtown at the Harbor!Photo by: WMAR Field of Dreams 1 1994.png Field of Dreams circa 1994Photo by: WMAR First Day of Light Rail 1989.png First day of the Light Rail in Baltimore back in 1989Photo by: WMAR Easter Candy.png Photo by: WMAR Costello Ice Bucket Challenge 2.png Remember the Ice bucket challenge? Jamie does!Photo by: WMAR Costello Ocean City Look Live 1.png Jamie reporting from Ocean City.Photo by: WMAR Costello Garceau 2.png Jamie and Scott GareauPhoto by: WMAR Costello and Dog 2.png Jamie looks happy, we're not sure about the dog.Photo by: WMAR Jamie beer.jpg Celebrating the O's going tot he playoffs in 2016Photo by: WMAR Jamie_Randall_Kelly.jpg Jamie and Kelly welcome in Randall Newsome in January of 2023.Photo by: WMAR Jamie_MissKitty_2018.jpg Miss Kitty from the White Marsh Mall. Who remembers her?Photo by: WMAR Jamie_PizzaJohn.jpg Jamie and the boys at Pizza John!Photo by: WMAR Jamie_Scott_23.jpg Scott Garceau gets into the Maryland State Athletic Hall of Fame and, of course, Jamie is there!Photo by: WMAR Jamie_MajorGeneralDanielKarbler.jpg Jamie with Major General Daniel KarblerPhoto by: WMAR Jamie_Ashley2016.jpg Jamie and former Good Morning Maryland Anchor Ashley JamesPhoto by: WMAR 344861733_240034268695136_8675063920366612084_n.jpg Jamie, Chief Photographer Lamont Williams got to interview Jimmie's Chicken Shack.Photo by: WMAR 293559620_626813185471924_821940328903173644_n.jpg Don't worry, he loves the Oriole Bird nowPhoto by: WMAR 314370124_707366554083253_8737856193806321598_n.jpg Always making friends.Photo by: WMAR 182587182_3869630143072780_4772865621137780316_n.jpg Jamie's hairdresser who saved his life.Photo by: WMAR 342198697_3348400768746826_5019431418066419924_n.jpg Someone snuck in a kiss at the Senior prom in Dundalk!Photo by: WMAR 131067544_3466895936679538_4168211226778026944_n.jpg Of course, Jamie even knows SantaPhoto by: WMAR 122442014_3325564304146036_4492475311180734695_n.jpg Our "Fill the House" collection happened, even when we couldn't be in close contact.Photo by: WMAR 17796537_1262884580414029_6572599380055237599_n.jpg Jamie has never met an O's fan he can't talk baseball withPhoto by: WMAR 17796330_1262884517080702_5719496783305302256_n.jpg PIOs, the former Commissioner and Costello! What a group!Photo by: WMAR 11167999_825686160800542_7151713969256985848_n.jpg A big interview with then Baltimore City Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.Photo by: WMAR 1017765_670417616327398_8912080407252878869_n.jpg Photo by: WMAR 1911852_740013096034516_8700691869359514095_n.jpg Number 4, with number 27. MagicalPhoto by: WMAR 1929987_953990727970084_6295552667337339542_n.jpg Jamie & Kelly all dressed up for the party!Photo by: WMAR Jamie Costello WMAR 2 News Anchor Jamie Costello. His final official head shot with WMAR, although we didn't know it at the time.Photo by: Scripps Media