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New laws go into effect in Maryland

Public Summer School courses to be free in Maryland
Posted at 5:03 AM, Jul 01, 2021

BALTIMORE — Marylanders are now bound by a new round of laws.

As of midnight, many of the bills that passed through the Maryland General Assembly earlier this year have taken effect.

State Delegate Stephanie Smith spoke with WMAR 2 News about one of her bills that becomes law today, prohibiting public schools from charging fees for summer school courses.

"I believe it's only appropriate that that type, of course, be free, as consistent with our state obligations to give everyone access to a free and adequate education," she says.

Before this law passed, the 24 jurisdictions across the state charged a range of pricing for summer school courses, from nothing to hundreds of dollars.

Smith says, she thinks the pandemic helped to push the bill cross the finish line.

"I do believe that the way so many inequities that existed long before the pandemic became, like, just really a hyper spotlight on what many of us already knew existed," Smith added. "I think that really was the final push some people needed to just make sure we got this done."

Another law taking effect today - the repealing of the state song.

And the Jordan McNair Safe and Fair Play Act.

Other new laws going into effect today, The Thomas Bloom Raskin Act that creates an opt-in mental health services calling program.

The Walter Lomax Act, which requires the compensation to people who are wrongfully convicted, sentenced and confined.

For a full list of the laws taking effect today, click here.