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'Journalists Matter' Capital Gazette photographer gives a snapshot into what he's felt the past three years

Posted at 11:14 PM, Jun 25, 2021

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — For twenty years, he put your picture on the front page. Now he is putting his stunning pictures up on a library wall.

Paul Gillespie was in the Capital Gazette newsroom on that day three years ago…he will tell his story in a courtroom rather than in your living room tonight. But as musicians find the right note, painters chase the sunset, writers fight writers block, photographers always find the perfect picture.

Paul wants you to stare into the eyes of those who stared into the lens of his camera and feel what he has felt for the past 1093 days.

This project started his his basement.

“It was therapy for me. After the shootings I had PTSD, anxiety and depression,” he freely admits.

His way was the only way he knew out, to take pictures.

Paul asked, “Do you mind coming over for a photo shoot” All the victims family members said, “Yes” Wendy, Gerald, Rebecca, Johnny Mac and Rob all are being held by those who loved them the most.

Their pictures will be on display for the next month at the Michael Busch Library on West Street in Annapolis.

The project also will show pictures from those who cover the community.