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In Focus: Baltimore City Shootings and Homicides

Posted: 6:01 PM, Sep 23, 2021
Updated: 2021-09-23 18:01:26-04
Ian Dombroski

BALTIMORE — As WMAR-2 News tracks the impact of the shootings and violence on Baltimore City's young residents - we are taking an in focus look at shootings and homicides in the City since 2017.

Here, we've mapped out the shootings (in blue) and homicides (in red) and when during the week they've occurred.

Each bubble represents a single month - and the size of the bubble indicates how many shootings happened in that weekday and hour during that month and year:

Another view of this data, shows where these shootings and homicides happened.

The map is shaded to show the average household income for the Census Tract for 2018.

Here, you can toggle through the years.

All of the shooting and homicide data comes from the Baltimore City Police Department.