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Gubernatorial Candidates Q&A: Top 3 Priorities

Posted: 11:45 AM, Jun 16, 2022
Updated: 2022-06-16 11:45:43-04
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BALTIMORE — To help you make a decision in the Governor's race this year, we reached out to all of the candidates that have filed for the Primary and asked them a set of five questions.

Our first question, "What are your top 3 priorities for the State of Maryland?"

Here's how the candidates answered.

We spellchecked candidates' answers, and reformatted every answer into a single paragraph so that they could be available in a comparable way, but otherwise we have not made any edits to these answers.

Note: Candidates Kelly Schulz and Ralph Jaffe didn't respond to our requests, despite multiple attempts over two weeks.

We'll be publishing one question a day. Tomorrow's question will be "What would you do as governor to address rising costs?"