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Finding licensed home improvement contractors in Maryland

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Posted at 5:13 PM, Oct 05, 2021

BALTIMORE — While tree trimmers need to be licensed through the Maryland's Department of Natural Resources, many other exterior and interior home improvement contractors are required to be licensed through the Maryland Department of Labor.

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The agency that handles the licensing within the Department, the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (or MHIC), provides aneasy search tool for consumers to verify that a contractor is licensed.

If your considering a home improvement project - from siding to skylights - chimney repairs to chair lifts for stairs - solar panel systems to storm doors - it's very likely you'll need a licensed contractor.

The search tool allows you to check a license by the contractor's last name, trade name, location, salesperson's personal name, or, if you have it, the contractor's license number.

The MHIC also advises that you shouldn't be paying more than a third of the total as your down payment and you should never pay in cash.

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