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I ordered 3 popular women’s tops from Amazon, and here’s my take

Posted at 2:50 PM, Jul 22, 2019

So this isn’t the first time I’ve ordered clothes on Amazon. I see all of the beautiful Instagram models and I get sucked right in.

Sometimes, I’m pleasantly surprised — hello kimono!

Other times, the hype doesn’t seem warranted. Like that one time I ordered a swim cover-up for myself, and it came and it fit my 6-year-old daughter AND it was definitely lingerie.

My little trial with these top-rated shirts was no different.

Across the board, the price point was excellent, with all three shirts coming in at right around $20. They arrived quickly, in little plastic pouches as to be expected. I couldn’t wait to dig right in.

Button-Down Cami

Let’s start at the very top. This button-down cami ($17.99 and up) is a winner for me. I like the khaki color. The adjustable straps help it fit perfectly without any gapping (#smallboobgirlproblems). The buttons are cute and actually functional. The material is soft and not too thin, so you don’t feel like it’s going to fall apart at any minute. On the downside, it wrinkles quickly.

But wrinkles be damned. I’m wearing a size small and I think it looks great with jean shorts and also pairs perfectly with either white or black denim. Throw a cardigan over it and this cami could easily be worn year-round.

Several Amazon reviewers mentioned the nice weight and lack of sheerness and I have to agree. It not only looks good, but it feels good too.

Also good to note is it moves well when I dance. If not for the wrinkle factor, I would order this shirt in multiple colors — heck, I still might.

Final Score: A-

Summer Floral Blouse

I really wanted to like this shirt ($22.99). Fun pattern, cute ruching, goes with just about any denim — what’s not to love?

Well, consider this your PSA: This shirt shows belly. The belly cleavage seems minimal at first, but try actually wearing the shirt and, say, lifting your arms, moving from side to side, reaching for anything or putting your hand on your hip. Without a cami or some seriously high-waisted pants, your stomach will be on display. Note the mirrored sunglasses to “hide” my face because I couldn’t hide my belly.

Shockingly, I’m not sure the exposed belly is what bothers me most. Worse, I think, is that the back is super long. I want to tuck it in, but a half tuck in the back seems really off, especially with my midriff exposed. But it’s worth noting that, while the length was an issue for me, several Amazon reviewers said they loved the long cut of the back.

I’m wearing a size small, which is my normal size, but it feels a little looser than I’d like. From the back (and certain angles from the front) I think it looks like I’m wearing pajamas. But, on the upside, it is as comfortable as any pajama set I own.

Ultimately, the comfort factor and cute pattern save this shirt, but I’m just not sure where I would wear it. It felt too daytime for a night out and too “belly” to wear to a PTO meeting.

Final score: B-

Women’s Casual Half Sleeve Loose Ruffle Hem T-Shirt Blouse Top

My biggest issue right off the bat with this shirt ($15.99) is the name. The polyester shirt has zero give, as the name of the T-shirt might imply. And while the shirt wasn’t exactly tight on me, I wouldn’t call it loose-fitting either. But it does have ruffles. And aren’t they cute?

I think the photos on Amazon make this top look linen. It’s not, but it sure wrinkles like it is. It took some serious time with my iron to straighten it out.

I’m sure if I saw someone wearing this shirt on the street (especially from a distance), I’d think “oh, now that’s cute.” And as one Amazon reviewer noted, the bottom ruffle is flattering and helps hide the belly.

But, in real life, there are a few red flags. It arrived with a snag on the back…

… and the seams on the hems aren’t quite right.

Plus, the darts that are supposed to make the boob area fit a little smoother really miss the mark. I know I’m not exactly gifted in this region, but I’m wearing a small and the darts make me look like I’m wearing a strange bra.

On the positive side, I really like the olive color, and think it could easily transition into fall. And the length feels just right. But sadly, the quality issues make me feel like it might not last more than one season.

Final score: C.

Have you had your eye on any of these popular items?

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