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How To Make Ranch-Flavored Pickles

How To Make Ranch-Flavored Pickles
Posted at 11:40 AM, Jul 01, 2021

I don’t know about you, but these days, if I need new ideas to try in the kitchen, I turn to TikTok. It can be a bit onerous, trying to write down recipes from videos or snap still images of the steps involved so I can reproduce them, but the social media site has definitely given me some fun ideas for meals and made my kitchen table a more interesting place to be.

In fact, food TikTok has become a major source for food trends, including this year’s easy baked feta pasta recipe and honeycomb pasta, along with 2020’s dalgona coffee and green peppers eaten with cream cheese and everything bagel seasoning. The foods are usually pretty interesting, easy to pull off and fun to re-create.

Right now, there’s a new trend making the rounds, and it’s another simple-to-make and creative bite. This trick has been around for several months, and is being attributed to TikTok users like Jen Curley at @snackqween, who posted this video in April:


Should I drink the juice #pickles

♬ original sound – Jen Curley

Another user, Gloria Angelou at @gloriaugly, also known as the #picklequeen, is also being credited with popularizing the food craze after stitching her video with Curley’s on how to make the pickles:


#stitch with @snackqween #picklelady

♬ original sound – Gloria Angelou

Here’s a video from @mamacookslowcarb, showing exactly how to make ranch pickles.

“I will never eat pickles without it again,” the narration says about the ranch seasoning.

@mamacookslowcarbShoutout to the original creator @snackqween these are my new favorite 🤤 ##pickles ##ranchpickles ##lowcarb ##lowcarbsnacks ##fyp♬ Coffee Shop – Late Night Luke

All you really need to do here is pour a packet of ranch seasoning into a jar of pickles, shake it all up, and then let the mixture sit for a day or more, the TikTokker says.

Of course, now that the trend’s taken hold, variations are being posted, too. In this one from @adaywithshay, the TikTokker mixes pickle juice with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for a spicier take on the trend. While she’s waiting for the flavors to combine, she dumps some ranch dressing into the Cheetos bag. We would try either of these.

@adaywithshay@skyy_pop @biggjocc they both slap 😂🥰 ##picklesandhotcheetos ##flaminghotcheetos ##ranchpickles ##foodtok ##trywithme♬ original sound – Shay

If you like the idea of making it spicier, you can also use the Spicy Ranch packet from Hidden Valley instead of the regular one.

One TikToker at @tylershealthylife, who apparently has never fried anything in his life, was inspired by a comment to take a ranch pickle, dip in a coating that includes flour, milk, panko bread crumbs and more ranch powder, and fry it up. Naturally he dipped his concoction in ranch dressing.

“This. Do this. Right now. Run to the grocery store,” he said.

@tylershealthylifeReply to @angelawersal YOU GUYS NEED THIS ASAP. ##fyp ##pickles ##ranchpickles♬ Coffee Music – Cafe Music BGM channel

Other users are adding different flavors and making it a more involved — but still easy — process. This version, for example, also from @mamacookslowcarb, uses tabasco sauce and garlic cloves as well as some ranch seasoning.

@mamacookslowcarbRanch Pickles but better 🥒 ##ranchpickles ##pickletok ##pickle ##ranch ##lowcarb ##fyp ##lowcarbsnack♬ Coffee Shop – Late Night Luke

Yum! This is the kind of experimentation we approve of. Will you try this TikTok trend?

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