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Home Pro Tip from Brothers Services Company

Home Pro tip
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Posted at 2:10 PM, Feb 12, 2019
and last updated 2021-03-18 14:48:19-04


The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends you do a roof inspection at least twice each year to prevent major leaks. Check your roof regularly starting indoors. With a flashlight in your attic look for:

  • Places where the roof deck is sagging
  • Signs of water damage or leaking
  • Dark spots and trails
  • Outside light showing through the roof
  • Check that all bath, kitchen and dryer vents go entirely outside of your home, not just into the attic space

If you can’t comfortably access your attic, you can still look for these signs of possible damage:

  • Dark areas on ceilings
  • Blown-off shingles
  • Black or brown sludge in your gutters from granule loss
  • Water stains on pipes venting the water heater or furnace

If you find any of the items listed above or have any concerns about your roof, contact Brothers Services for a full assessment. []