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Workplace revenge more prevalent than you think

Posted at 6:51 AM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 06:51:40-04

We've all gotten annoyed at a co-worker at one time or another. But rather than let it go, it seems a lot of Americans get even.

A new study by InsuranceQuotes.com found 44% of the 1,000 workers surveyed admitted they have gotten revenge on a co-worker.

The top 10 most popular ways to get revenge range from petty to vicious. Some people said they purposefully caused a drop in the quality or quantity of their work to get back at a co-worker. Others said they ate their co-worker's lunch, hid their stuff, or spread rumors about them.

But others took their revenge to extreme levels, going so far as to sabotage a co-worker's work, to deleting files from their computer, and even getting a fellow employee fired.

Researchers found those with the highest and lowest incomes, as well as senior managers are the most likely to take revenge, and be repeat offenders.