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UMD making Augmented Reality a reality for the medical field

University of Maryland VR.PNG
Posted at 8:23 AM, May 10, 2022

BALTIMORE — When we think of augmented reality, most of our minds go straight to video games like Pokemon GO.

Some may even think of various apps that let you redesign your home before you actually redesign your home.

Now the medical field has entered the realm of augmented reality and it's happening in Maryland.

The University of Maryland is getting a new building called "MIXR." It stands for Medical Innovations in Extended Reality." With the help of the University of Michigan, the colleges are hoping to change the way people in the medical field learn.

Students and teachers will be able to learn and teach even when they are not able to be in the room. The university also hopes to be able to help heal and treat injured patients without having to give them addictive drugs like opioids. They plan to do this by using different virtual landscapes and even different kinds of music.

The federal government has already used 4.75 million dollars in support of the building. This money came from the National Science Foundation. Google, Microsoft and Meta-the parent company of Facebook-, and various other companies will also donate money to make this augmented reality become an actual reality.