Teddy bear lost at airport reunited with 4-year-old boy

Posted at 7:42 AM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 07:42:09-04

An airport comes together for an emotional reunion that's stealing the hearts of people across the country.

It started when 4-year-old Luke lost his stuffed bear, named 'Teddy Bear'. The bear disappeared last week at Love Field airport in Dallas after a family trip. Luke thought he'd never see his friend again. His mom filed a report with the airport's lost and found, then posted a plea on Twitter and Facebook about the lost bear.

Turns out an airport employee had seen Teddy Bear, picked him up and was keeping the stuffed animal safe. Love Field airport reached out to the family and told them they'd found the bear.

While Teddy Bear waited for his best friend to come pick him up, he had some adventures around the airport. Dallas Love Field posted pictures of Teddy Bear hanging out with pilots in the cockpit, helping with construction on the tarmac, and posing with airport security.

Then finally, 6 days after he was lost, Teddy Bear was reunited with Luke. "This moment is just what kindness is and love can do, and thank you everybody. It's a silly old bear, but it's amazing. Thank you guys very much," said Luke's mother, Nikki Swofford. Luke said he was super excited to have Teddy Bear safe and sound. The inseparable duo are now back home.