Suspect in police-involved shooting possibly tied to other robberies

A man shot and killed by Prince George's County Police trying to rob a fast food restaurant may be tied to several other robberies in the area.

Police say they are investigating if 24-year-old Anthony Trice Jr. was also responsible for breaking into a Wendy's and Popeye's.

Early Monday morning officers were called to a Checkers restaurant on Woodyard Road in Clinton. They found one of the drive-thru windows had been broken and saw Trice inside at the safe. Police saw he had a gun and ordered him to surrender. When Trice walked out a side door police say he pointed a gun at several officers and was ordered to drop it. Corporal Scott Weisbrod then shot Trice once in the leg.

Although police gave immediate aid, Trice died at the hospital. No officers were hurt.

Police recovered Trice's car and gun from the scene, as well as a shell casing that matched his gun. Police believe he broke into a nearby Popeye's by shooting out one of its windows just before breaking into the Checkers.

Corporal Weisbrod, who has been with the department for nearly 8 years, is now on routine administrative leave while police investigate.

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