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Squeegee action plan underway

Posted at 5:57 PM, Dec 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-02 06:27:11-05

BALTIMORE — The city's squeegee kids plan is getting put into action.

Today the director of the mayor's office of African-American representation was out at the corner of north 20th and 83. It's one of 22 corners where teens are often seen squeegeeing people's windows for money. They're working to get paperwork from the kids. Things like birth certificates and social security cards so the kids can get more city aid. The city wants to help the kids get jobs so they don't have to work on the street.

"A lot of people see our youth out here squeegeeing and they think that they just want to be out here. I heard one gentleman say from where he sat that he lived downtown and he said look at them. They out there early in the morning and he was talking and making this analysis while he was eating his breakfast. He didn't realize that they were out there in the morning trying to get breakfast", said Dr. Andrey Bundley director of the mayor's office of African-American representation.

Today's engagement event is the start of the mayor's 90-day squeegee action plan. That plan also includes improving safety measures at intersections so cars don't hit the squeegee kids and so those kids don't get hostile with drivers.