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Report shows 19 Anne Arundel schools have unacceptable lead levels

Posted: 4:15 AM, Aug 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-14 13:13:33Z

At least 19 schools in Anne Arundel County have unacceptable lead levels in their water.

The new list sampled 33 schools , testing all water outlets and not just those for drinking or food preparation. 23 of the schools' results are in. 

Glen Burnie High School was the worst on the report. Other schools with high numbers include: 

  • Brooklyn Park Elementary 
  • High Point Elementary 
  • Hilltop Elementary
  • Sunset Elementary
  • Overlook Elementary
  • Park Elementary
  • Belle Grove Elementary
  • Linthicum Elementary
  • Solley Elementary
  • Oakwood Elementary
  • Marley Glen Special Elementary
  • George Cromwell Elementary
  • Glendale Elementary
  • Richard Henry Lee Elementary
  • Woodside Elementary
  • Ferndale Elementary
  • North Glen Elementary
  • Point Pleasant Elementary

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends any water faucet be shut off where lead levels exceed 20 parts per billion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no safe level of lead exposure.