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Queen Annes's County release lip sync video to raise awareness about opioid epidemic

Posted at 10:18 PM, Sep 27, 2018

The opioid epidemic has affected every part of our state, including the Eastern Shore.

The Queen Anne's County Department of Emergency Services found a creative way, to help raise awareness about the problem.

They put together a video to bring to light the extent of their opioid problem.

Director of Emergency Services for the county has seen the problem grow over the 20 years he has worked in the county.

"In comparison from last year to this year we are almost double, creeping on to almost triple the numbers we had last year," said Scott Haas, Director of Emergency Services.

So, thinking of creative ways to educate county residents about the opioid problem, this lip sync video was made using the Chainsmokers song, 'Don't Let Me Down.'

"We wanted to pick a song that was so good so, we picked that song and it works and it's very good," said Joe Cichocke.

Bruce Grove is with Queen Anne's County TV and he helped produce and edit the video.           

"Besides raising awareness, we want to raise hope and it's hope the county is really doing more than people realize. There's help out there and if there are issues, there's help coming."

The video depicts what first responders do for overdose victims, unfortunately, paramedics do this all too often.

"It beats them down when they run this on a regular basis or we just can't get there soon enough. So that tends to take a toll on our providers.

A trend they hope goes down for their providers and for those struggling with addiction.