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Pilot program looking to help those in need of sewer problems

Posted at 8:08 PM, Oct 19, 2021

BALTIMORE — Some in Baltimore will be getting free sewer maintenance courtesy of the city.

The pilot program will install back flow preventing in eligible home sewer service lines. Those prevent waste water from flowing back into your home. It's a small piece but for a family getting that piece installed it will be a major relief.

"We were calling once a month because the sewage from the top of the hill would come down and our pipes are connected to the city pipe and it cracked. Our peace of mind will be from not having to get the wet vac to actually put strains on our back to clean up all of the water from out of the basement and actually dumping the water. We have to manually dump the water from out of the basement instead of you know just all of it draining out."

The pilot program is part of the city's hardship fund which has helped more than 36,000 and covered more than $24 million in costs. The pilot program is still open for those in need. To apply, call the department of public works.