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On Mayor Scott's one year anniversary citizens can now monitor his progress

Posted at 1:53 PM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 18:30:51-05

BALTIMORE — On the one-year anniversary of his inauguration as Mayor of the City of Baltimore, Brandon M. Scott is now allowing the public to monitor his progression going forward.

Scott's progression as far as the Action Plan can be tracked online. The Mayor released the Action Plan as an interactive tool, which allows the public to see the Goals and Actions the administration is setting out to accomplish, as well as their status and key measurements. Many of the Actions are already underway or, in some cases, completed. The Action Plan Tracker will be updated on a quarterly basis, allowing the public to follow along with the administration’s progress over the term.

“I strongly believe that to make progress, we must set ambitious goals and work every day to achieve them,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “I want to invite residents to follow along with our progress and hold my administration accountable as we prove that a new way forward is possible in Baltimore. I look forward to working with all Baltimoreans to build on the foundations we have set over the past year and transform Baltimore into the stronger, better, safer place to live that we all know it can be.”

The mayor says that this tool allows residents to see the goals the administration is committed to making. The mayor has organized five priority pillars: Building Public Safety, Prioritizing Youth, Clean and Healthy Communities, Equitable Neighborhood Development, and Responsible Stewardship of City Resources.

“The Mayor’s Action Plan is a clear organizing framework and road map for the remainder of the Mayor’s first team. Our executive team and the entire city workforce will be using the goals and actions in the plan to direct how we administer programs and prioritize the use of city resources," said Baltimore City Administrator Christopher Shorter. "We hope that all residents, business, and community partners use this plan to hold us accountable and find opportunities to collaborate and participate with with us as we work together to build a better Baltimore."