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Mosby requests audit of state-run agencies

Posted at 5:38 PM, Dec 21, 2021

BALTIMORE — Baltimore City State's Attorney Marylin Mosby want's an audit of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, The Division Of Parole and Probation, and the Department Of Juvenile Services.

This in response to the Governor's request for data from her office. Data she says was already readily available. Mosby says her request is due to the agencies roles in a number of high-profile murders and attempted murders.

She says the one of the men arrested last week for shooting Baltimore City Police Officer Keona Holley was supposed to be on pre-trial supervision. Manzie Smith the man recently charged with killing Evelyn Player recently had his state supervision lowered. And back in 2018 The Department Of Juvenile Services tried to blame her office for the release of the teen found responsible for killing Baltimore County officer Amy Caprio.

She says it was DJ's that lobbied for his release over her office's and the teens mother's objections.

"These failures by various state agencies that are overseen by our governor are not isolated incidents but are a part of a pattern of malpractice and mismanagement breakdowns in state government," said Marylin Mosby, Baltimore City States Attorney.

Data shows Mosby's office has maintained a 90% conviction rate for violent offenses, an 88% conviction rate for mandatory minimum eligible cases, and a 92% conviction rate for violent repeat offenders. She says her office's conviction rates are consistent with the conviction rates of her predecessors over the past ten years. She also says her office is ready and willing to collaborate with the governor.

We've reached out to the governors office for a response, we have not heard back yet.