Man Cited For 'Obscene' Bumper Sticker Sues Police

Posted at 9:19 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 21:39:11-05

Police in Nashville wrote a ticket to a driver for an “obscene bumper sticker.”

The bumper sticker depicted two stick figures in what authorities said was an obscene way with the words “Making My Family.”

The driver, Dustin Owens, said he’s now suing Metro Police, adding this bumper sticker is free speech under the First Amendment.

He said the stick figures on the window aren't even anatomically correct.

“The bumper sticker just shows two stick figures doing things to make a family!” Owens said. “Everyone, you've got kids, you've done it, so you're making a family.”

Tennessee law has prohibited "obscene or patently offensive bumper stickers" in part "to avoid distracting other drivers and thereby reduce the likelihood of accidents."

Owens said he believes many other things you see on the roadway are more distracting than his bumper sticker.

“I’m not even mad at the cop,” Owens said. “I mean if he's doing his job, he's doing his job. I’m not here to bash the police. I just don't think it should be in their hands.”

Owens said everyone has rights and should fight for what they believe in.


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