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A look ahead at prison reform legislation pre-filed for MGA session

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jan 11, 2022

ANNAPOLIS, Md — Maryland lawmakers head back to Annapolis tomorrow, to reconvene in regular session.

One set of bills being prioritized by some lawmakers includes prison reform initiatives like the "R.E.A.P" act that has been pre-filed by Baltimore City Delegate Marlon Amprey.

The goal of this bill is to reduce the number of incarcerated people who return to the prison system, by improving educational and job skill training opportunities inside the correctional system.

"We have to have an all hands on deck approach to ensuring that we are providing the best resources and opportunities for those who are incarcerated to thrive upon the release. So the goal of this legislation will be different. The ultimate thing we want to see change is number one, that when people come to the facilities, they get quicker access to opportunities," said Baltimore City delegate Marlon Amprey.

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