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Goucher poll: 64% of Marylanders plan to get vaccinated or already have received a dose

Many are unhappy with distribution of vaccines in the state
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Posted at 3:03 AM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-08 03:03:45-05

BALTIMORE — More than a million people have received their first dose of a coronavius vaccine in Maryland. A new poll suggests a majority of Marylanders plan to get vaccinated.

According to the latest Goucher College poll, 64% of Marylanders say they plan to get vaccinated as soon as they can or they have already received at least one dose. When Goucher College had a similar poll in October of 2020, that number was less than half.

But some people remain hesistant:

  • 15% say they will wait to see how it’s working before they get the vaccine.
  • 18% will only get it if required or will definitely not get the vaccine.

As for how the vaccine is being distributed across the state, here's what the poll found:

  • About 1/3 of people surveyed feel the state government is doing an excellent or good job
  • 66% think they are doing fair or poor

Since the pandemic began last March, Marylanders surveyed in the poll feel Governor Larry Hogan handled the coronavirus outbreak across the state well:

  • 82% of Marylanders approved of Gov. Hogan's handling of the pandemic
  • 22% disapproved

Marylanders were also asked how they felt about public schools and businesses reopening:

  • 26% (Businesses) too slowly
  • 56% (Businesses) about right
  • 15% (Businesses) too quickly
  • 29% (Public Schools) too slowly
  • 37% (Public Schools) about right
  • 31% (Public Schools) too quickly

The Goucher Poll also asked people how they feel about themselves or a family member contracting COVID-19:

  • 71% say they are "somewhat" or "very" concerned about themselves or a close family member getting the virus
  • 29% have a little or no concern at all

Marylanders were asked how they've felt since the outbreak began last year:

  • 55% say they felt frustrated more often
  • 50% say they felt stressed more often
  • 45% felt sad more often
  • 33% felt angry more often

But the poll found Marylanders are split on when the country will get the coronavirus under control and return to normal:

  • 39% think before the end of the year
  • 34% believe later this year
  • 13% by summer
  • 8% never
  • 3% in the next month or two

The second part of the Goucher Poll will focus on approval ratings of Governor Hogan, state lawmakers and President Joe Biden. That poll will also include polls on several state issues. The Poll is scheduled to be released tomorrow at 12:01 a.m.