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Walgreens store severely damaged during overnight ATM theft

Walgreens store severely damaged during overnight ATM theft
Posted at 4:57 AM, Nov 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-05 11:19:16-04

BALTIMORE — Police say they've located an abandoned van in Southwest Baltimore with evidence suggesting it was used to steal ATM machines.

There have been arash of ATM thefts in Baltimore City and County over the past several weeks.

“This year we have 29, last year we had 70 so we’ve assigned an individual detective to each one of the districts to wire exclusively to work as a liaison to all of our partners to work and share information to identify people responsible for it,” said BPD Commissioner Michael Harrison.

After thieves have snatched several ATMs from their posts, police made a significant discovery Thursday afternoon recovering a white van behind the 4300 block of Eldone road in the Southwest district said to contain evidence that lead officers believe its connected to an ATM theft.

Which ATM theft so far though is unknown but the most recent case was reported Thursday morning.

That’s when thieves overnight rammed their vehicle into a Walgreen's destroying the entire entrance hoping to cash out after stealing an ATM.

“Blows my mind, crime is getting closer and closer you know?” said June Dennis, a customer at this week’s latest target.

Davis, like several customers who visit this Walgreen's every day were turned around by the very story they’ve only heard reports about with the bad news seemingly inching closer to their backyards.

“Look this is my neighborhood, this is suppose to be a safe place. You know when we’re going to the store to get all of our needs and look at it today. I’m very shocked. Very surprised," said Sandra Wilks.

We heard countless accounts of what a welcoming, well-ran store this is all to be the next target in a string of ATM thefts.

“The whole store is just a great store, wonderful people just really upsets me that somebody would do this to them. It’s so unfair. Why’d they have to wreck the whole store? It’s just really upsetting,” another customer shared.

It’s upsetting and unsettling for many leaving them feeling a growing sense of concern.

“Because I live right here within about three blocks away and this is our neighborhood, we just had a community clean up in the park right here. It’s so close to home,” shared Jim Pickett.

“They just didn’t deserve it. This is terrible. I hope they catch them, just hope they catch them,” Cinda Raley told WMAR-2 News.

That hope doesn’t appear too far fetched now that there’s evidence on the radar for police .

“We continue to work to share information about suspect data vehicle data, sharing video,” Commissioner Harrison added.