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Drivers for ridesharing companies making less with surging gas prices

Uber, Lyft awarded multi-year federal transportation contract
Posted at 8:21 AM, Mar 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 18:13:39-05

BALTIMORE — Gas prices in Maryland continue to climb. AAA says the average price for a regular gallon of gas is $4.23 in Maryland. That's two cents below the national average.

Some drivers with ridesharing companies say they've stopped working so they don't have to refill their tanks as much. Right now, there's an online petition asking Uber and Lyft to help their drivers deal with higher gas prices.

In an open letter to ridesharing companies, the petition asks Uber and Lyft to raise the rates that customers pay to help drivers deal with the cost of rising gas prices. Drivers say they're taking the hit with rising gas prices so they want companies to take smaller commission from their fares.

Besides helping with the high price of has, drivers are also asking to be paid for their mileage to pick up customers - not from the passenger's pickup location to their destination - but for the distance from where they accepted the request to when they drop their passengers off. Drivers who signed the petition say they need to make more money and inflation isn't helping either.

Uber has responded to some drivers about their concerns encouraging them to make more money through cashback programs.

You can see the petition here.