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Delaware couple charged with killing infant girl

Posted at 3:19 PM, Feb 16, 2022

MAGNOLIA, Del. — A Delaware couple has been arrested and charged with leaving their 5-month-old baby girl - whose birth was never reported - to die at their home.

Delaware State Police said Angel Toran, 22, and her fiance Ny'jier Murphy, 24, both of Magnolia, had a baby at their home in April 2021, and her birth was never reported.

The baby died at 5 months old from medical issues resulting from severe malnourishment, investigators determined. Her death was never reported to the state, and the baby was buried on the property, according to a press release.

The infant's body was exhumed on Oct. 11, 202`1, after police initially responded to the couple's mobile home Oct. 10. Murphy was seen with a Glock 19-model 9mm handgun on his hip, which he did not have a permit for carrying, police said.

Toran and Murphy were arrested Feb. 10 - Murphy allegedly after a brief struggle. Toran was arrested without incident.
Both are set to be charged with murder by abuse/neglect and related offenses.