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Brides Across America help ease wedding costs for first responders

Posted at 7:05 PM, Dec 17, 2021

BALTIMORE — Free wedding dressed for military and first responders.

Brides across America teamed up with Betsy Robinson's bridal collection in Baltimore county to help ease some of the cost of a wedding. They offer a selection of designer wedding gowns as part of the operation wedding gown initiative.

"I feel pride that we are providing a large selection of dresses as well because it's such a big decision. It's not like we're hosting this event and there's a rack with 4 dresses. We really wanted this to be just like every other bride's experience,"said Mallory Tarschis, Owner, Betsy Robinson's.

The shop has helped 12 brides this month. Since 2008 brides across America has given away 27 thousand dresses.