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WATCH: Body camera footage from deadly police involved shooting outside Rite Aid

Posted at 11:54 AM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-12 17:25:44-05

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police on Tuesday released body worn camera footage from a deadly police involved shooting that took place on October 30, outside a Rite Aid in North Baltimore.

Officer's Ryan Glass and Joel Hawk received information from detectives, that a car used in a robbery at Horseshoe Casino was sitting in the Rite Aid lot in the 6300 block of York Road.

Glass was first to arrive and spotted the vehicle with the driver, 24 year-old John Feggins inside.

In the video, Glass orders Feggins out of the car, and questions whether he has any weapons on him, which Feggins denies.

The officer then has Feggins sit back in the car as the two discuss why the stop is being made. At the same time, Glass is trying to communicate with dispatch to determine what to do.

During the conversation, Feggins appears to reach for something under the front drivers seat with his right hand.

It then appears that Glass tells Feggins to stand up to be handcuffed, causing Feggins to become frustrated and resistant.

While standing with his back turned, Feggins turns back around and lunges at Glass, causing his body worn camera to go out.

Surveillance from the Rite Aid is picked up from that point, and shows Feggins with a gun in his right hand on top of Glass.

As the struggle is unfolding on the ground of the parking lot, officer Joel Hawk arrives. His camera was not activated until after the shooting.

After Hawk arrives, the Rite Aid camera footage shows a continued prolonged struggle which results in both officer's guns being fired, and Feggins being killed.

Following the shooting, Hawk's camera is turned on and shows two guns on the pavement, one is Feggins' gun and the other was an officer's.

Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner Brian Nadeau said Feggins wrestled one of the officer's guns away from them causing it to fall to the ground.

Nadeau said investigators are still working to find out if Feggins fired the officer's gun or if the officer fired it.

In total, three shots were fired.

"This shows what our officers go through. This was at 9:40 a.m., not a night shift. It's a very dangerous job. Unfortunately a life was lost but at least he's not on the street," said Nadeau.

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Feggins was a person of interest from an October 9 robbery at the Horseshoe Casino.

The car Feggins was in, was also confirmed to be the one used in that robbery.

Officer Hawk had a tooth knocked out, and both officers suffered minor injuries including scrapes and bruises from the struggle.

According to Nadeau, neither officer has yet been questioned about the incident, and wont be until the States Attorney's Office has completed a review of the case.

Until then, both officers remain on administrative leave.

Watch the entire video and press conference below.