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Apple Speaks Out About First Unionized Store

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Posted at 8:53 AM, Jun 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 09:06:19-04

TOWSON,Md — On May 24th Apple employees at the Towson Mall store filed for the store to be unionized. They filed with the National Labor Relations and voted 65-33 on June 18th in favor of unionizing. In wake of the win, Apple declined to comment but per the website appleinsider, the company has since recently said they plan to bargain with the newly unionized employees “in good faith.” This comes as a surprise to many as Towson is not the company's first store to attempt to unionize.

Just one month before Towson filed, Atlanta also filed to have one of their stores unionized. Atlanta was the first in the company’s history to file but days before they were supposed to vote in May, they decided to withdraw their request. Other news sources spoke with the union Communications Workers of America who said Atlanta employees decided to withdraw because "Apple's repeated violations of the National Labor Relations Act have made a free and fair election impossible." In a CNN Business video, Towson store employee Eric Brown thanks those at the Atlanta store and said they helped prepare them for what tactics Apple may use to deter them from unionizing.

Another employee says the big issue driving the vote was having a say in the way the store is run and to “seek rights we don’t already have.”

They have yet to fully outline their terms but they have decided on a name. Apple’s first union will be called Apple Coalition of Organized Retail Employees which is AppleCORE for short.