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Annapolis couple embroiled in Espionage case indicted

US Navy Engineer Nuclear Secrets
Posted at 2:51 PM, Oct 20, 2021

An Annapolis couple, arrested earlier this month on espionage charges, are now indicted for those charges.

Jonathan and Diana Toebbe are charged, each, with one county of consipracy to communicate restricted date and two counts of communicated of restricted data.

The Toebbe's are accused of trying to sell restricted information about the highly-sophisticated design of the Virginia class nuclear powered submarine, worth $3 billion, to an unnamed foreign government.

They were arrested in West Virginia on Oct. 9 and charged in a criminal complaint with violations of the Atomic Energy Act.

Investigators say Jonathan hid secret data files in a peanut butter sandwich, a band-aid wrapper and a pack of chewing gum. Then, dropped them at prearranged locations in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia, while Diana was the lookout. After a year long investigation, the couple was arrested over the weekend in West Virginia.

Earlier this month WMAR-2 News spoke with Professor Michael Greenberger, the Director of UMD's Center for Health and Homeland Security about the case.

Stay with WMAR-2 News for more as this case develops.